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All naturally occurring: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carotenoids, phytostirol, fatty acids, enzymes and more....

How does it work?

Pollen stimulates your metabolism, which in turn speeds up calorie burn. It corrects any chemical imbalances in that metabolism which have also caused people to gain weight. This then regulates your appetite, and at the same time is a natural energizer.
The pollen contains all the known essential nutrients needed to maintain life and which you may be missing due to poor nutrition in modern foods.
The pollen is bursting with an enormous amount of vitamins B, C and D, most minerals, enzymes and the 22 indispensable amino acids, 14 fatty acids, RNA, DNA lecithin/choline, phenylalanine, carotenes and polysaccharides.
You may remember that lecithin and the amino acid phenylalanine were very popular a few years ago as a weight loss ingredients.
It is also nutrient dense meaning that your body receives sufficient nutrients for quite small amounts of bee pollen, as one ounce of bee pollen is only about 90 calories.
As such, it is a powerhouse of all the vital nutrients needed by the body.
It curbs your appetite and regulates your metabolism, and as a result less fat is absorbed giving you weight control plus an increase in energy levels and vitality.
People have reported that they have lost steadily in a gradual and safe way. Their appetite decreased gradually, but at the same time they were still aware that they were getting all the necessary, vital nutrients.
It is also a powerful antioxidant that means it helps to neutralize free radicals and stops premature aging.
A combination of all these benefits, the increased energy and a healthy lifestyle should ensure that your weight loss (or gain) is natural and permanent. No more yo-yo dieting – in fact no dieting at all!
There are many other benefits not necessarily related to weight loss, but which are an added bonus to your overall health.